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  Significant Achievements:
  1. Design and development of technical specification for composite material and rubber compounds on the basis of hydrological data of existing concrete dams and similar products such as conveyor belt, pneumatic tyre, pneumatic hose, pneumatic fender etc.

  2. Development and optimization of rubber compounds (cover compound and cushion/friction compound, total 6 different types of cover compounds and 6 different types of cushion compounds were prepared, among them one type each was optimized on the basis of specification and required properties)

  3. Development and optimization of technical textile/fabric for reinforcement of composite sheet on the basis of bonding strength evaluation with rubber compounds

  4. Development and optimization of suitable adhesive for treatment of fabrics to enhance its bonding strength with rubber compound

  5. Design and development of manufacturing methodology of composite sheet and its layout

  6. Design, Development and optimization of suitable room temperature vulcanizable adhesive for jointing of composite sheets

  7. Design optimization of Rubber Dam for its angle of inclination of dam body and angle of concrete base structure was done, by using FEA (Finite elemental analysis) and ABAQUS software

  8. Development and installation of prototype/model rubber dam at IRMRA for initial trial

  9. Development and installation of model at IIT, Mumbai for hydrodynamic testing and evaluation

  10. Publicity of Project/Technology in various journals, newspapers, seminars and coinferences

  11. Optimization of suitable Anchoring mechanism and inflation deflation mechanism for Rubber Dam

  12. Optimization of indigenized installation method for Rubber Dams

  13. Installation of total 5nos. rubber check dams at various locations at Bhubaneshwar (Baghamari, Badapokharia, DWM farm, Chandeshwar-1, Chandeshwar-2) for field evaluation

  14. Field validation and generation of data and evaluation report of installed dams at Bhubaneshwar