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Technical Progress
DG (ICAR) Inaugurates Technical Yarn Spinning Facility (size 11.2 KB)
Complited Milestones of Rubber Dam Project (RDP) up to 7 (1) (size 30.9 KB)
Complited Milestones of Rubber Dam Project (RDP) up to 7CIC (size 30.9 KB)
Field Evaluation Report of Rubber Dam, BBR (size 116 KB)
Future Plan of RDP on 7CIC - June, 2010 (size 17.5 KB)
Technical Bulletin released in Annual Workshop (size 7,124 KB)
Technical Progress till June 2009, presented in 5th CIC Meeting (size 21,280 KB)
  Development of specification of composite sheet

Development of Rubber Compounds:

  Development of Cover Compound
  Natural rubber and Synthetic Rubber based compounds evaluated.
  Development of Cushion/Friction compound 
  Different Natural rubber based compounds evaluated.
  Development of fabric for reinforcement
  Different technical fabrics have been evaluated.
  Development of Rubber-fabric Composite
  Developments of composite materials are in progress.
  Development of Prototype Rubber Dams
  One prototype using PU sheet has been manufactured for the demonstration and optimizing critical parameters.
  Evaluation at IIT Mumbai:
  Inflation-deflation time
Inflation-deflation procedure
Pressure variation in dam after inflation
Static water test
Dynamic water test
Dam behavior at different velocity of water
  Selection of Sites & Collection of Hydrological Data
  Check Dam Site selection in different watersheds of Orissa for installation of developed dam is in progress on the basis of hydrological data available at DWM.
  Development and installation of Rubber check dams at Bhubaneshwar
  5nos. rubber check dams has been installed at
  Field evaluation and generation of Report
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