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Field Evaluation
  Following tests were done for installed dams at Bhubaneshwar
  1. Pressure variation in dam after inflation
  2. Silt Removal
  3. Wrinkling
  4. Anchoring Angle
  5. Spacing between the bolts
  6. Improvement in productivity of crops
New rubber composite material for Rubber dam and other irrigation applications
New technical textile, Rubber compound and rubber composite for Rubber Dam application
New approach of FEA model towards optimization of rubber dam design
Skills on Rubber composite manufacturing methodology for rubber dam
Refining of rubber compound, technical textile and composite material based on field appraisal      
data's for sorting out short comings, if any
Automatic control system for inflation and deflation of rubber dam
Installation methodologies of Rubber dam
Skills for installation and commissioning of Rubber dam in watersheds    
Better control on draught and flood situation
Improvement of water use efficiency and per capita water storage in India